Whistle blowing

Information according to the German Whistleblower Protection Act and the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

  • Why should I submit a report?
  • What can I report?
  • When should I submit a report?
  • How should I submit a report? What happens after I have submitted a report?
  • How can I make enquiries about my report?
  • What happens if the reported matter cannot be proven?


Why should I submit a report?

Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE AG is committed to fostering an environment of integrity and legality, promoting respectful conduct towards our employees internally and when engaging with our business partners externally. We are dedicated to adhering to all pertinent legal standards in our business operations, encompassing a wide range of rules and regulations, from A to Z.

To facilitate this objective, HERMLE has established a compliance management system that includes training, documentation, evaluation of the vital processes and regulations.

Ethical and legal conduct is expected from everyone at HERMLE. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any type of non-compliance with internal instructions or in case of unlawful behaviour.

Your report is invaluable in assisting us with this endeavour.
We treat every report with the utmost seriousness.

What can I report?

We encourage you to report any significant concerns you may have.

The intention of the legislator is for this channel to be used specifically for reporting facts that may entail criminal penalties and fines, thus ensuring a systematic investigation. Examples include money laundering, insider trading, corruption, antitrust violations, breaches of export control regulations, non-compliance with product safety guidelines and matters related to the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG).

We kindly request that you report such incidents, even if they ultimately reflect unfavourably on you, as your assistance will help us to guarantee future compliance with these regulations. Even for individuals directly involved in the misconduct, significantly reduced consequences can be expected.

Confidentiality is assured to both you and any individuals mentioned in the report. Your report is greatly appreciated, and there are no disadvantages for you to be concerned about.

When should I submit a report?

Please notify us of any potential misconduct as soon as you have reasonably and responsibly come to the conclusion that it is necessary for Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE AG or one of its subsidiaries to be made aware of it.

How should I submit a report? What happens after I have submitted a report?

Please use the link below to access the reporting system provided by us. The receipt of your e-mail report in our electronic mailbox compliance@hermle.de ensures that

  • upon submitting your report, you will receive electronic confirmation of receipt to your sender e-mail address within the legal time frame,
  • your report will be handled with strict confidentiality and subjected to a thorough investigation,
  • you will receive feedback on the result or on the planned measures no later than three months after receipt of the report.

How can I make enquiries about my report?

Please contact us at compliance@hermle.de for your first report to ensure initial recording, documentation and feedback regarding its receipt. If you want to make enquiries about your report, please contact our Compliance Department directly.

To do so, send an e-mail to compliance@hermle.de

Please refer to your original report.

What happens if the reported matter cannot be proven?

We protect you and take your rights seriously.

Those who submit a thoughtful and responsible report need not fear any disadvantages whatsoever. This also applies even if, during the process of investigation and clarification, it is determined that the facts described in the report are not accurate.

Even in such cases, rest assured that we will maintain strict confidentiality regarding your identity.

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