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Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AGMaschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG
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Milling at its best with the technology leader from Gosheim 

Protection measures against Corona Virus

The coronavirus is spreading increasingly and in Germany, too, cases of infection have been reported. We take the current situation regarding the coronavirus very seriously ...

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Фирмата ни в София подърж...

...контакт с нашите клиенти, координира сервизни дейности и обучения в тясно сътрудничество с Хермле АД в град Госхайм, Германия. Компетентните ни служители с удоволствие ще Ви информират за нашите продукти и предстоящи мероприятия.

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Фирма Хермле...

... Югоизточна Европа е създадена 2009г. със седалище в София, България. Основната дейност на фирмата е продажба, обучение и сервиз на територията на България, Сърбия и Македония на продуктите на Хермле АД.

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Свържете се с нас или се информирайте от нашата страница за продуктите, които предлагаме.

Хермле Югоизточна Европа
П.К. 787
1000 София
Тел. +359 896 715 277

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Hermle Open House 2020 Cancelled!

In view of current developments regarding the Coronavirus, Hermle management decided on March 2th to cancel the Hermle Open House from April 22th to 25th, 2020, in Gosheim ...

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The ALL-STARS of the High-Performance-Line

Experience in 3 exciting minutes important facts and options which offer you almost unlimited opportunities. Film for the ALL-STARS.

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With the RS 05-2 for five machine models, Hermle presents the 2nd generation of its compact robot system

The second generation of the RS 05 can now be adapted frontally (C 250, C 400 und C 32) or laterally (C 12 and C 22) to the Hermle machining centres. With a footprint of roughly 2 m2, the robot system is extremely compact. The system can be equipped with a huge variety of different storage modules according to requirements.

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C 42 U Eiffel tower

Hermle C 42 U dynamic in 5-axis-configuration machining of a eiffel tower for the model making industrie.

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Be it through remote maintenance, face-to-face contact worldwide or our hotline: we’re the specialists you can always trust to guarantee your manufacturing success! A wealth of service competence is contained in every Hermle machining centre …

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Machining centre C 650

Setting new standards in the Hermle Performance-Line: The C 650 is a brand new development offering the highest precision at maximum table load. To machining centre C 650 ...

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